UK – Rules

The shooting starts on Saturday. October 12 at 12.00 PM.
The team shoot three arrow series within 120 seconds for the next 24 hours.

Each team will be responsible for having a shooter on the line and for replacement.

During the 24 hours of shooting, there will be opportunities to win prizes.
There will be small team battle and other competitions.
Music will be played during the shooting.

Shooting Classes:

OPEN: All bows allowed. Ten zone is the high ten.

LIMITED: All bows except compound allowed. Ten zone is the yellow area.

NON-SIGHT: All longbows and  barebows allowed. Ten zone is the yellow area.

18 meters for adults with a maximum of three shooters per. team.
12 meters for kids, max 15 years, with a maximum of four shooters per. team.

Face: 40cm full face or trible vertical.

Arrow: Maximum arrow diameter allowed 10,7mm (27/64)